Friday, February 18, 2011

motorcycles. day one

So my friend decided to purchase a bike annnnd, being neighbors, i have been learning to drive one. The feat is on the more difficult side. I am accustomed to driving a manual, but on a bike, the only things similar are your hands still steer and your right foot gets to hit the brakes.

Well your left hand does the clutching, your left foot changes gears, your right hand is throttle annnnd front brake.

This is insane to me and it goes against so much of what my brain has been wired to do for the longest time. And the thing is so friggin heavy.

tips from a nub?
-trust the bike
-dont be a ninja and counter steer with your hands when you start leaning
-take it very slow and easy. jeez I am only about to go around the parking lot and be in first gear or neutral. FAIL

also while my friend was taking his turn on the lightcycle, some dooshbag(i know its spelled douche but! i like doosh) pops a wheelie in the parking lot and does this cool little slide around a turn....well thats not helping a fellow bike enthusiast learn now isit? but if i was able to tame such a machine....i would love to show off. ha PROPS/KUDOS to the bikers out there. one day....i will fly on the highway as well.

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