Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meh weekend.

Sunday was lengthy, went at trying to drive a motorcycle again. 
I can’t let go and trust the heap of metal. Feels hella scary. But anyway, spending the weekend at home was nice. Interacting with the parentals was enjoyable. Got to spend some time with my sibling and dog. It was nice.
Saturday started off with an early awakening from my litto cuzzo. B-roc who enjoys playing the wii, a DS, and watching the tv all the while playing club penguin on a laptop. The kid has got some issues….that all kids have. Constantly wanting to be entertained. All I wanted was to relax and enjoy a slow paced weekend. Which for the most part occurred. Dont get me wrong the kid is able to carry on a conversation about anything better than I can. My people skills are a bit lacking but hey. All is well.
Later on during the day my love, her cuzzo, my cuzzo, and I visited the zoo. 
*Quite the experience* Although I had been plenty times before….I enjoy watching the creatures that I dont see everyday of the week live out what ever kind of life they could live in a zoo? Most likely the kind of life I wouldn’t mind living if I had the choice to fulfill my ambitions of well….being really ambitious. Get my drift? I want to do something that not alot of people can do? Not anyone can accomplish just because I feel the need to. It’s like an itch, I must satisfy my itch even though I’m unsure how or where exactly it is. It will be done. Maybe save the world or something lol.


  1. This weekend flew by for me.

  2. I haven't been to the zoo in ages.

    I should take my girlfriend with me.