Thursday, March 17, 2011

my cuzzo b-roc and stuff

B-roc, being as inquisitive as he is, was only after the new attraction, penguins. Oh, the penguins had to be seen in all their glory. I knew that if I allowed the penguins to be seen prior to the end of the walk around the zoo…..he would begin to whine. For he is one of those children who, when not given the correct amount of input from something, turns into a cry baby. No matter how smart he sounds when he addresses things are people. He’s very much a child on the inside. I love children. Without inhibitions you can watch them and listen to them and really try to know them. They are not like most of us older folk and think too much about what they say to uphold this front we all put up. I myself am less self conscious about how I look to the world because I’m sure that I am a good person and as a good person I may do or say whatever is on my mind. Not saying that I go and blab everything that whizzes through my thought sector in my brain but you could say I act like a kid. I dont care what people think because people who judge and dislike merely by first impression or a glimpse at how I’m feeling that day, one day, of my whole life are in fact shallow. They lack something. Something that all people need, some compassion and understanding perhaps? I’m not sure but tolerance is a good word for it. I may push peoples buttons but I’m doing it on purpose and I never push serious buttons because that’s rude. I’m talking more along the lines of…saying random things that are in my head and seeing if they pass judgement on my thoughts, which I dont have complete control of. I’m highly imaginative and fun and these traits seap out of my small front of happiness that i hold to the world. I never make rash judgments about people because I have talked to myself enough to realize that people are too deep to label in one setting or one action. There is just so much more to everyone’s silent steps to class everyday, I wonder what all the people are thinking when I’m driving on the highway. Where is everyone going, why? how was their day? I wish people could just upload their thoughts, their deepest thoughts, the stuff that makes you the complex you. I want all of the context. Because, it’s interesting….isn’t it?