Sunday, May 1, 2011

Got a B for sure

In my Immunology class. It's an 85...I shoulda did a lot better on some of ze tests but I'm just lazy enough that I don't do hardcore studying. Even though I sure I'm capable, my instincts are like "don't worry about it bro, cuz you're not failing" Don't I wish that voice was gone. So 4 finals next week and my ass is not even thinking about worrying. I feel like finals have to be easy. The fact of the matter is they can really only ask you so much and I'm good at holding on to the main ideas of the class without having to open a book. So I just don't feel threatend.

More about my Immunology presentation that I mentioned awhile back. My group did fine. Only losing 10 points out of 200? This is good news bros. So that helped with my grade and the class enjoyed it becuase on the last slide I put the harry potter gif I made and got everyone to get real quiet as they were trying to figure the purpose of Potter in the slide. I did have to explain it to a couple of my peers but all I wanted was a chuckle.

Also about the research I am doing with the Imuno professor!! I will be developing workshops for a piech of machinery for a flow cytometer. There isn't protocol currently availiable to teachers for the exposure of their students to the tecnology so I will be designing a class, basically, to introduce it to high schoolers, undergrads, and graduates.

The other project I will have a lesser role in, but still, we will be analyzing my states influenza death rate over the past flu pandemics, starting from 1918, to see if the public health sectors are getting better with getting vaccinations to the people. I think this project is going to be really beneficial to the state so that they know how good they are doing. Rather than waiting on the government to collect the data and present it to us; having a sense of belonging to the state will of course drive me todo better work for the citizens that reside here. I was told I would be visiting Conneticut and California to do presentations? Trip is covered and I'm excited. WOoooOtttt

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