Sunday, March 27, 2011


My professor in this class has chosen me to to head a group presentation and me being the youngest, most obnoxious student in the group and class for that matter makes me feel empowered. As if I get a chance to prove myself to this small 26 or so class of students as being the most sidetracked and one of the more mature brains in the class. Our object is to present a chapter out of the book to the class and the professor in an educative manor. Our peers will grade us on delivery and content along with whatever else is on the evaluation sheet.

Well me and the prof. are kinda close, as close as any laid back instructor would allow an outspoken student to get. I try to interact as much as I can as to leave a mark and well just to be a class clown. Not to get a good grade or anything just to show some character to the prof. and my fellow students who slave over the lectures and say nothing. I like to point things out that may be distracting to lots of people but hey no one has complained yet? I will be more considerate of these people though now that I think about it. And to make things clear it's not like I make a bonehead comment every 5 minutes it's more along the lines of every 2 classes. Which isn't bad in immunology because we only meet once a week.

More on the subject of the class. It's ridiculously fascinating like most of my upper level biology classes I fully enjoy being able to get a peak at what our bodies are capable of accomplishing on the molecular level. So for the most part I stay interested because of the content and the way my prof. presents the information. I had him  for microbiology also and had to take him again.

So back to the original  issue of me being a group leader, I intend to shine and use my keen skill of being able to step back and see what the people the group is presenting to is seeing and thinking. What do they want to hear after being told this or that. Hopefully I can do well and make a good grade. Also I am constantly looking for input so if it's at all possible please let me know what you think so I can further understand what people see when they look at me.

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  1. I hope your presentation goes well, let us know what happens!