Friday, March 25, 2011

Just thinking

On my journey of figuring out why I feel so awkward around some types of people I have come to some conclusions:

Even though I can be the center of attention, it can only be done by me goofing around. Saying things that pertain to nothing but some random stuff. Does this make sense? The content of my limelight dialog is very....shallow. And somehow it grabs a lot of attention and although I want to share a more wholesome version of me with these people I can't. It's like the thick sauce of my soul cant be put on the conversational hot dog for everyone to taste.

I think I may enjoy being able to help people out with my knowledge a little too much? When people ask questions about something and I may know the answer because I have read about it on the web or have seen a glimpse of the subject, I over flow the room with an answer like I know everything. I dont want to come across as pompous but I cant seem to say "I think this is how it really is" or "perhaps it's like this because...." No it always comes out as a matter-of-fact response.

Owell I guess I shall work on these things more. But does one learn to do something that people around him rarely do and do it good?

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