Monday, April 25, 2011

supp bloggies

I feel that I have left my blog high and dry for too long. This will be a short post before class starts.

Well the year is definitely winding down. There's nothing I can do about it another year, gone. Did I accumulate enough experiences to call it successful? I hope so.

On a more relative school related note. My presentation for Immunology is basically done. Me and the group will be meeting later on today to perfect the flow of the subject matter so that no one gets bored listening. We present tomorrow and I'm the most nervous public speaker in the world. People who know me, know that I like to talk and when they find out I get nervous in front of a class they flip out. I don't quite understand it either. I mean even if I'm super still bares down on me and my fingers shake, my mouth gets dry. I constantly remind myself that it's not a big deal and...well it doesn't work. Something with presenting to my peers that just unsettles me. But I love the limelight. Academia tied in with everyone watching isn't natural for me? Perhaps but if I am going to save the world in anyway. I must be able to present my findings or motivate a crowd. Guess I'll see where this goes from here.

People.....why must the be sooo... not nice.


  1. I hate making presentations, I hate how I feel like people are picking me apart with their eyes