Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHY don't black people drink beer? Generally,

Me and my black buddy talked this over and we arrived at a consensus.
If you take a step back and try to figure this out at first, you may go down the wrong path. And not come up with a good explanation. Maybe even go into a racist FAIL rant. The real reason is. What to rappers rap about. Money, Cars, Sex, and Clothes. Three of which, sometimes four, focus on having money. Well last time I checked most high class, money wasting drinks. Which contain liquor, cost a lot of money. Relative to beer. Also what kind of message do you send when you say you in the club sippin on a bottle of beer? That does sound as cool as I gotta a bottle of Patron..blah blah blah. See? It’s all about the flashyness that the rappers are saying lots of nothing about.


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